Friday, June 24, 2011

Sin of Envy

Other than the sin of gluttony, I guess the other sin that I'm guilty of would be the sin of envy.

Samantha has started going back to school, and this time she goes every week day as opposed to an MWF schedule last school year. This time, she starts with the Nursery class - her 1st official year in kindergarten. She's been eager to go back to school and play with her teachers and classmates.

And now that I've started taking her to school again every morning, I would now always see that beautiful house a few yards from the school, a house where one of Sam's classmates live. And I would always wonder how his parents could afford to have something built to their expectations. More importantly, I would always wonder if I can ever provide my wife and kids the same luxuries I keep seeing in that home. They have three brand new cars, a big lot with a big house - even the mother seems so happy and relaxed.

Yes, I have sinned and continue to sin for being envious of this. But perhaps envy isn't as bad as the bible says. If you channel envy properly, you can use it as a source of inspiration - a tool for you to reach your own goals.

I am about to close a big chapter in my professional life. In a few days, I will officially leave the industry that I have worked and built a career on for the past 10 years. I am about to embark at an opportunity that will, hopefully, get me to my goals.