Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A very long year

A year has passed since my professional life had taken a radical turn. A year ago, I have formally bid farewell to the BPO industry - an industry that I've spent 10-years of my life learning and, in return, have helped it grow in my own small way. And as I have embarked on practically uncharted waters, I have often found myself struggling to stay afloat, tempted to abandon the ship and have had several opportunities to go back to my roots. Strangely enough, despite the opportunities to move-on, I find myself a year later taking-in more punishment, so to speak.

I am pushing 32 years of age, and while as young as you think I still may be (and I truly am), I feel that I now need to establish myself here. While my strengths are in IT Service Management in the BPO industry, I know that for me to become a highly valuable and marketable individual (and professional, most importantly), I need to prove myself that I can literally make it anywhere. If I make it here as a project manager, I know that I can make it anywhere.

Despite being here for only a year, I feel that I've been here too long. I have learned so much yet I know that there is still so much more to learn. The basics alone of insurance operations still baffles me, and keeping a steady discipline as a project manager is hard work - work that I would like to perfect.

Amy and I have started to make plans around my career here at Philam Life, most of it directly impacts the future of our daughters. We will be moving to a new office located at Bonifacio Global City, which is very much close to my high school alma mater, Colegio San Agustin. The longer I stay with this company, the better my benefits shall become, especially for my retirement.

I am still working on my first set of projects (or a program, in a more professional term), and I will still be working on this until June of 2013. Its not easy creating portals for various groups, but I'm happy to say that one of the three is already online and ready for use. Another project that I am very much interested in is Philam Life's explorations into the realm of outsourced services - my cup of tea! It has been assigned to one of my colleagues in the department and I have been informally invited to participate. If I play my cards right, not only will I get to help setup a new company, but I may also have the opportunity to manage it when it becomes operational.

Career-wise, there are a lot of opportunities in this company. As sour and rough my beginnings here are, at least I have come to discover that I can still have friends around here, no matter how few, how odd, how old or how strange.

It has been an interesting year, and I'm hoping to see at least 24 more.