Thursday, February 10, 2011

Its not easy being a parent nowadays. With the cost of just about every basic commodity going up in light of an unhealthy economy, the term "making ends meet" is becoming a well worn-out cliche.

Waking-up early in the morning before dawn to prepare the house for yet another challenging day, then shuttling off after lunch for a 1.5-hour, 60-km commute to work to the salt mines - all while thinking about how to stretch the budget decently - all these and more in the day of a life of modern young father such as myself (did I say young?!).

But one has to wonder, if I think my load is heavy, what about my wife who stays at home practically 24x7, taking care of the kids and the house all on her own, a year after giving birth to Sophia? Just thinking about it makes me remember the addage: "The mind is willing, but the body is not."

I find myself complaining too much about how heavy my load is, but I don't give enough credit to what Amy goes through on a daily basis. I don't even think that I thank her enough or even appreciate the effort that she's been pulling around to help keep things going for our young and small family. Just how selfish and self-centered am I? Proud of it, I am not.

Words aren't enough to show just how important Amy is to me nor would actions be enough to show her gratitude and appreciation. It takes a lifetime - sometimes even more - just to prove and show that you love and appreciate having a wife whose just so gosh darn supportive, even in the middle of hurdles and obstacles.

With Valentine's day just around the corner, and without a strap of cash to bring her out on a decent date, I find myself in a heavy bind. But do I still have a plan in mind? Of course I do. Do I think that showing her an extra ounce of love, attention and understanding that day would me extra "pogi points" with my wife? Well not right away, but its a start - right? Its something you should do as a husband on a daily basis. We men gots ta earn our women's love and respect, y'all!

But what the heck is my point anyway? I haven't blogged for some time now and here I am just typing away my thoughts. My mind is so full of interesting problems trying to balance each other out that I just need to unload it through writing. But most importantly, my mind keeps focusing back on what matters to me the most - my wife, my partner, and believe-it-or-not my knight in shining armor! And I would like nothing more than to pamper her, to cook for her, massage her and even bathe her , to cuddle up with her at the end of the day. For nothing gives me great pleasure than to make my wife happy at the end of each day, even though at times my immature self gets in the way - God bless her soul for putting up with me all these years.

I love you Amy Antonio Tabunar!