Monday, July 4, 2011

Another new beginning

Today is my first day at Philam Life as a Senior Project Manager for the Strategic Initiatives Office. Unlike my experiences in the past, this time around I find myself going for a slow start - slow but very much welcoming as I am enjoying this pleasant break from the hustle and bustle world of BPO.

I now find myself going to work at 6:30 in the morning, right around the time when my kids wake up from their deep slumber. Right before the sun rises, I made sure that breakfast was already cooking and any dishes washed the previous night all dried and stowed away in their respective cupboards and shelves.

A few minutes later while I cooke up breakfast, my wife comes down to join me in the kitchen. Even during the first few minutes of her day, she's still very much lovely, beautiful and sexy with her hair flowing down her shoulders. And yes, even those sleepy eyes are sexy to my liking . Although sleepy as I was, I was still very much excited to get to work this morning and see what was in-store for me. That excitement, however, was temporarily quenched by a familiar morning site - one that I haven't seen for the past 3 years: the early morning rush! Throngs of people joined me on the street trying to catch a shuttle ride to our offices. Without any semblance of an organized line, I found myself walking slowly farther away from the usual stop until I finally catch a ride - 20-minutes later.

After what seemed forever, I finally arrived at the office still fresh and sleepy at the same time. My new co-workers Alvin, Joel, Gary, Jackie and Sir Allan (my boss) welcomed me quite warmly and went out of their way to make me feel at home.

Its 30-minutes from quitting time and the day just seemed to go forever so slowly. I have not accomplished much, except for reading a couple of process documents and storing them on my office laptop making sure everything is properly labelled and organized.

Before I called it a day, I took a few minutes to visit our Father by the Philam Life chapel in the middle of the building. I remembered to thank Him for watching over me and my family; for helping us get by despite our slim financial capabilities. Amy and I are still thankful for we are still much more blessed than most people. I pray that He take me home safely to my three girls whom I missed so much today. I can't wait to hear their stories and for me to tell them a few of mine of what happened today. And what do you know? I can access from here :)

All in a day's work of being a father trying his best to be a good provider, a better father and the best husband a wife should have even though at times I fail, I always remind myself to get back up because I have more to live for and to be thankful for than I ever have thought.

See you in a few minutes my Honey and my two little sweethearts!