Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daddy moment

After a light lunch and a quick conference call at home, I gave my kids a shower, helped them brush their teeth and dressed them up. I prepared their milk and switched-on the air conditioner in preparation for their nap.

Samantha has her own way of being sweet to her Daddy. She bade me 'Good Night', gave me a kiss and finished her milk. Less than 5-minutes later, she was snoring like me!

Sophia, as charming as she is, took my hand and made it gently pat her bottom. I have the habit of patting my kids' bottoms til they fall asleep. Samantha grew out of it quickly before she turned 1, but Sophia couldn't go to sleep without it. Around 8 minutes later, she fell asleep a well.

These are the moments that I will cherish. The movie "A Walk to Remember" was playing while I was putting my girls to sleep, and exactly at that moment when Mandy Moore's character was on the hospital bed while talking to her daddy. Dying of cancer, she told her dad that she loves him.

What a simple yet cherishable daddy moment for me.