Monday, October 10, 2011

The anatomy of vegetables according to Sam

We had an interesting conversation with Samantha last night over dinner. While she was focused on her hot miso soup, she was at her usual self chatting away asking questions left and right, but a few set of question caught her mom and I by surprise.

Sam: "Daddy, what's in the soup?"
Daddy: "Umm ... I'm not sure ..."
Sam: "Daddy, its egg and cheese and vegetables!" (...thinking that the color of the soup and the tofu came from egg and cheese).
Daddy: "Oh, okay. Good" (...winking at Amy)
Sam: "Daddy, what's in the vegetables?"
Mommy: "More vegetables, baby"
Sam: "No Mommy, vitamins!"

Amy and I were stared at each other, wide-eyed and broke into laughter. Our precious Sam, getting sharper by the day, outsmarting me and her mom.

Samantha is transitioning into another phase in her young years. From the terrible-two stage, she is now entering the inquisitive stage where her curiosity is peaking and she throws questions at us at every minute of every day. Although we find it annoying at times, particularly when her mom and I feel tired due to lack of sleep, we try our best to entertain her questions and answer them the best and most understandable way possible.

At the end of the day, what matters is that we give Samantha the attention that she needs. She already feels some form of competition with her sister Sophia when it comes to getting attention, but we try our best to keep it equal between the two girls.

Hmm ... I wonder what Samantha has next in her arsenal of surprises?

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