Monday, September 12, 2011

Do birthday wishes still count beyond 30 years?

With just a few winks away from my 31st birthday, I take a break from work for just a few minutes and take stock of what is it that I want as a wish for my day. Hmm ...

To be honest, I do have a lot of wants ... but what I truly need and deeply want is just to be with my wife and kids. I can just easily wish for a car, an honest to goodness vacation or perhaps a road trip - but these shall come in time, in His time when I really deserve it. But right now, there is one thing I know in my heart that I truly deserve and need, which is something that I cannot get enough of - and that is good quality time with my lovely wife and energetic kids.

Whether we'd be out malling or just at home doing chores, as long as I'm with my family and decent food on the table, I'd be happy.

FYI - it would also be nice if my wife and I can take this 13-day fundamentals classes. Being foodies and aspiring restaurateurs that we are, we'd very much like to be up to par with other people in this field.

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