Monday, September 12, 2011

Interesting options ...

My wife, Amy, warned me that just when I think I'm settling down with my new company, other opportunities will still present itself to me. True enough, over a handful of companies and head hunters have been contacting me, inviting me to apply to their company, most of which have been offering me a project management job - the same role as my current role. While I'm flattered for even being considered, I am also somewhat at a loss because with each option comes with it an inherent risk.

Right now, I'm actually happy and comfortable with the prospects of my career with my new job. I have been with this new company for a little over two months and compared to the companies that I've worked for in the past 10-years (all of which are BPO companies), the pace here is somewhat more relaxed. Deadlines are tight but delays are forgivable, the work is easier to manage especially when it comes to working in projects. Although the general population in this company is more or less "tenured", interacting with them is easier although they do have that certain resistance to change, which I am trying to bring about - the same purpose for which I was hired in the first place.

And now here comes a-knocking at my door, companies from the BPO industry as well as other non-BPO companies. Despite setting their expectations on my expected salary/compensation package by laying down my current package, they're still very much interested - which, in turn, gets me interested as well. At 31-years of age, I'm still young enough to explore other opportunities. And since my daughters are very much still young, I still have that certain level of flexibility. However, I am growing weary of moving from one company to another, and I'm longing to just plan myself at an established company where I can eventually retire later on. I am not closing my doors to other opportunities, however, but I am finding it difficult now to make a decision. But all of those is too early and pre-emptive to even think about since none of these companies have given me a solid and clear offer, but the prospect of receiving a higher offer truly appeals to me and tickles my curiosity.

Amy is right, I should choose wisely. Although she raises her hand away from swaying my decision, I am still thankful that she is always here by my side in helping me think things through. On one hand, I am now working for a stable company in the life insurance industry. Although my time is not as flexible as it was when  I was in the BPO industry, I am still enjoying being back to the normal working hours, which is 8AM to 5PM. But I do miss having flexible working hours and having the freedom to work from home - which is a perk that the other companies are potentially offering me as part of their value proposition. Nonetheless, it will all boil down to whatever they're prepared to offer. I believe that I am flexible enough to work in any management role and help them in their growth. But that decision, however, will definitely have to wait until such time I do receive an official offer. Amy and I will choose whether or not to cross another bridge, if and when we get there. For now, I am thankful that I am still blessed to be able to put food on the table for my family; that I am still able to sit down with them for dinner, wash them up and tuck them into bed at night.

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