Monday, September 5, 2011

Love As I See It

Fatherhood has brought many changes to my life: my routine, my schedule and even my social life ... but one thing is for sure, Fatherhood has change me, changed for the better. Through my wife and my daughters, I have learned to love others more than myself. Through my family, I have learned the importance of self sacrifice for the benefit of my children. Through my daughters eyes, I learned to appreciate the simple things in life like play time, coloring, singing, dancing like there's no tomorrow. Through my daughter's touch, I have come to learn that I can leave my troubles at the door and just focus on what matters most to me. Through my daughters' kisses, I have come to learn the taste of love - and it is beyond sweet, beyond warmth and beyond fulfilling. As I see it, my daughter IS Love - flesh and blood, body and soul from head to toe, for her Daddy to hug, to kiss and to hold.

This is my entry to "Love as I see it", a project of flowers Philippines.

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